The Dutch Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

On this website you can find information about the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020
for the Netherlands (RDP3).

RDP 2014-2020 summary

An English summary of the Dutch Rural Development Programme is not yet available. You can find a version made by the ENRD here:

Factsheet on 2014 – 2020 Rural Development Programme for the Netherlands

2014 – 2020 Rural Development Programme: key facts & figures

The RDP summary aim to provide an accessible synthesis of selected RDP content. The information provided should not be considered a comprehensive account of the original RDP content. All data and the figures presented in the summary come from the approved version of the 2014-2020 RDP and from DG AGRI’s ‘Factsheets on 2014-2020 Rural Development Programmes’.